What a pretty girl!

Que niña mas bonita
Photographer: Leila Amat Title: The Cage


What a pretty girl! You’re a princess. Give your mum’s friend a kiss, I don’t care that you don’t want to. Don’t worry about the boys pushing you, they like you. These boys are so funny lifting their skirts! Boys will be boys. Don’t play so rough, you look like a boy. Big girls don’t cry. You have to behave. Little ladies don’t scream. Shut up. You look so pretty with your hair done. If they see you play with the boys, they’ll call you a tomboy. You are so pretty. Girls are very complicated. Don’t worry, they’re mean to you because they envy you. Girls are smarter, boys are always playing and they’re always studying. Stop complaining. Videogames are for boys. Cars are for boys. Kitchens are for girls. Not judo, rhythmic gymnastics instead. Girls are always more polite, so quiet. Computer classes? Don’t you prefer dancing? You look so pretty wearing a skirt! Don’t leave with anyone who’s not us. Be careful. Don’t accept anything from anyone. There are very bad men. Do you have a boyfriend? Already? You don’t have a boyfriend yet? You’re always surrounded by boys, you’re such a tease. I’ve found out you go down on your boyfriend, you slut. Call me and I’ll pick you up. Ask your friends to walk you home. Be careful. Don’t walk home on your own. You look like a prude dressed like that. You look like a slut dressed that way. If you didn’t want me to look, what’s with the cleavage? If you didn’t want me to touch you, you shouldn’t have teased me. What’s going on, you’re on your period? You’re dancing like that to turn me on, you’re walking like that you turn me on, you’re staring like that to turn me on. You’re so superficial, beauty is on the inside. Bro, go for the fat one, they’re easier ‘cause they’re desperate. You’re sleeping with everyone, slut. Still a virgin, frigid? You’re so hot. I wouldn’t touch you with a stick. Becoming a mother? Aren’t you too young? Aren’t you too old? Don’t you have no ambition? Don’t you want to be a mum? You’re too young to be a mum. You’re gonna miss the most important thing in a woman’s life. You’re wearing too much make up for class. If only you made a little effort! You’ve got it better, you show some skin and it’s done. What’s for dinner? What’s for lunch? Where are the towels? Have you ironed my shirt? The fridge is empty! I can’t talk now, I’ve got stuff to do. You should be thankful they’re looking at you. Men would give anything to have that power. If he stares again I’m gonna hit him. After all this time you tell me you don’t want to get involved with me? Men and women can’t be friends, men only have one thing in mind. He’s a nice guy, what else do you want? Don’t get mad, it was only a joke. You get offended so easily, you should grow thicker skin. Stop crying, dammit, you’re big enough. Don’t say that in front of my friends. Don’t wear a skirt if I’m not around. Don’t be out late. Don’t argue with me in public. He raped you? What did you say to him? What were you wearing? You must have done something. I can never say a damn thing to you. Shut up, I’m talking to my friends. You don’t want sex this time either? If it weren’t for me you’d have nothing. If it weren’t for me you’d be no one. I love you baby, that’s why I protect you. I love you baby, don’t leave me. You’re a bad mother. You’re a bad person. You’re a bad friend. I’m telling you, don’t leave me or I’ll do something stupid. Stop being so emotional. You treat me so bad that I get nervous. Don’t you fucking leave me or I’ll kill you.

She’s found dead.

According to the WHO, 1 in 3 women worldwide have been victims of Intimate Partner Violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime. This is how it starts.


Translation by Lidia Infante. Read the original version in Spanish or the Italian translation.

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  1. wow, qué duro, hay quien debería hacer el ejercicio de leer esto como si fuera para sí, para comprender lo que es el conjunto de los día_a_días de muchas. gracias por ponerlo todo junto.

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